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I. Introduction To Management

This course is designed for candidates who is or will be making the transition from technician to supervisory management by providing the skills and technique for building confidence as a supervisor, and recognizing the difference between line staff and supervisory management.

 It seeks to assist new supervisor and managers in identifying their roles, responsibilities and classify them into easily achievable stages of development; to approach their new role with confidence. 

II. Supervisory Management

This course will equip candidates with proven supervisory techniques that they can put into action immediately.  The skills savvy supervisors use to plan, organize, communicate and monitor will become part of their toolkit to effectively manage everyday interactions with greater ease.  Upon course completion candidates will be able to:


  • Understand the management skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing environment

  • Learn to plan, organize, coordinate, communicate and monitor

  • Learn skills in giving constructive criticism

  • Learn techniques to help them cope with difficult employees

  • Use delegation for effective employee development, time management and motivation

  • Increase job satisfaction and work output through coaching

III. Advance Supervisory Management

This advanced level course provides the effective framework for continuous development of managers and supervisors.  It is geared primarily to enhance high-level individual performance and to engage managers and supervisors in assisting their team to maximize performance.  The course covers skills that enable them to manage their time, solve problems, plan strategically, and communicate with their team in a more effective manner.


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